Lease or purchase an ATM from Funds Access Inc.

Lease or Purchase Your ATM

Funds Access Inc. offers full-compliment ATM machines and services. With Funds Access Inc. you have the ability to lease your ATM or purchase it. 

Great ATM Service – No Hidden Costs

With a dedicated team of ATM professionals, we work tirelessly to make sure you have dependable service and a profitable ATM. When you purchase an ATM from Funds Access Inc., there is no hidden costs and you can earn 100% of the surcharge but with none of the monthly fees. Our team and system is with you from beginning to end to provide great products and services.

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ATM Follow-up

When you order an ATM we offer free placements in your business. These retail ATM’s provide your customers with a simple solution to access their banking accounts without the business owner (you) having to go thru the work of managing the ATM.

Placement of the ATM is free for your business and it even includes shipping, installation, programming, cash services, monitoring and 24-hour repair. Funds Access Inc. even offers a cash management and cash refilling service.

Mission Statement

Funds Access, Inc. provides innovative payment solutions, technologies, and local service to help companies adapt in the age of technology. We understand that all companies are different and we can help find unique solutions to maximize profits and meet business goals. We will provide these services and programs with intense customer satisfaction results on a daily and ongoing basis.