A POS System for Your Restaurant or Bar

A restaurant point-of-sale (POS) system is an essential tool for managing various aspects of a restaurant business efficiently. From taking orders to processing payments, tracking inventory, and generating reports, a robust POS system streamlines operations and enhances customer service. Modern POS systems often include features like table management, online ordering integration, and customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities. With intuitive interfaces and customizable options, these systems empower restaurant owners and managers to make informed decisions and optimize their operations for success.

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SpotOn is one of the leading software and payment companies in the U.S., trusted by tens of thousands of businesses.

SpotOn provides local businesses with comprehensive, cloud-based technology to accept payments, boost revenue, streamline operations, and create exceptional guest experiences.

SpotOn Restaurant gives operators everything they need to drive profit - from an intuitive point-of-sale system with solutions for online ordering, reservations and labor management to hardware designed to improve employee efficiency and service speed.

How We Help You!

Customized Solutions, Yet Local Support

SpotOn Restaurant has the featured, integrations, and tools you need to help run your restaurant on your own terms. Whether you run a full-service or counter-service concept, Funds Access Inc. can find you a solution that is unique to your specific needs.

We are your local representative in your community, and we conduct the on-site installation and training, as well as offer 24/7 support.

Mission Statement

Funds Access, Inc. provides innovative payment solutions, technologies, and local service to help companies adapt in the age of technology. We understand that all companies are different and we can help find unique solutions to maximize profits and meet business goals. We will provide these services and programs with intense customer satisfaction results on a daily and ongoing basis.